Monday, February 20, 2017

Animation Nights New York presents 2017 March Shorts

2017 March Animation Screening in NYC

Animation Nights New York presents March Shorts.

We have a wonderful line up of films for our March screening event at 180 Maiden Lane.

Animation Nights New York (ANNY) is a monthly curated screening of Animated Short Films and Virtual Reality Animation Experiences from all around the world. 

Our next monthly screening event is

Wed, March 8, 8pm.

Admission is free.

Food, refreshments, beer and wine are on offer.


180 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038

(Feel free to bring a blanket to lounge on the indoor grass!)

180 Maiden Lane, NYC

Animated Shorts Program

1. Mitu – Simon Acosta, Colombia, 2016, 8:05

 2Feed – Eri Okazaki, Japan, 2016, 6:53

3. Scary Story – Joseph Paone, Midrell Fitzgerald, United States, 2016, 1:00

4. Once Upon a Line – Alicja Jasina, United States, 2016, 7:05

 5. Once upon a time...– Anna Morawska, United Kingdom, 2016, 1:56

 6. Some Things I Can't – Auden Lincoln-Vogel, United States, 2016, 5:00

 7. Nostalgia – Fereydoon Borouji, Islamic Republic of Iran, 2016, 1:33

8. Home – Jon Brenmer , United States, 2016, 3:58

9. You Are Not Alone – Yufeng Li, China, 2015, 6:01


10. Albert – Felix Weisz, Austria, 2016, 7:10

11. The Water Giant – CHEN WEI-YUAN, Taiwan, 2016, 4:25

12. Rainy days and Mondays – Ka Ian Ng, Yun Ting Hsu, Taiwan, 2016, 4:15

13. Hide and Seek – Eartha Lin, Taiwan, 2015, 4:43

 14. BOMB BOMB Discontent – Arban Severin, United Kingdom, 2016, 3:22

15. The\little \boy – Mona Abdollah Shahi, Leila Ahanag, Sara Saberi, Mohammad Hossein Azampour, Mona Abdollah Shahi, Islamic Republic of Iran, 2015, 7:35

16. Holy City – mor galperin, inbal bentzur, Israel, 2015, 2:40

 17. Ticking Away – Michael Sewnarain, Netherlands, 2015, 9:25

Approximate run time 85 minutes

Virtual Reality Animation Selection

Mio Garden  – Harry Dorrington, Tom Westerlin, and Brennan McTernan, Nice Shoes Creative Studio, United States, 2016

Founder / Executive Director
Yvonne Grzenkowicz
Animation Nights New York (ANNY)

Anderson Contemporary
Fine Art Exhibitions

VR/Panel Events
Mark Sternberg 
REVRIE Immersive Works

VR/Videography/Website Dev
Katelyn Marie Thomas

Miguel Sanchez

AR/VR Support
Kevin Gordon
Michael Hawkins

Samantha Conroy

Social Media
Danny Argueta
Zach Weinstein
Rachel Braun

Graphic Design
Jessica Frampton

House Manager
Joe Lazenby


Josh Sterling
New York City Economic Development Corporation

John Andrucci
Lucky Uncle Productions | NYCIndieFF

Yvonne Grzenkowicz
Animation Nights New York (ANNY)

Jill Johnston
SUNY Fredonia

Rory Waudby-Tolley
Beakus (UK)

Brett Thompson

Tristian Goik

Eliška Decka

Joe Lazenby

Thank you to our Filmmakers.

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